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Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality (MR) is a sub-league of the Soccer Simulation at RoboCup. The first official competition happened in RoboCup Atlanta 2007, when it was still known as Physical Visualization (PV).

The league is based on the concept of augmented reality - real robots playing on a simulated environment. It consists on a monitor, that projects a virtual field and a virtual ball; a camera, responsible for the global vision; and real micro-robots, called Eco-Bes. The Agents are autonomous, ran at Client machines, and connect to the Soccer Server that transmits the commands to the robots via Infrared. The referee and the coaches are humans.

Until 2008 it was only possible to play 2 versus 2 games duo to system limitations. However, in 2009, it became possible to play games with 5 versus 5 players at the RoboCup German Open.

In German Open 2011, 7-versus-7 games were successful held for the first time, making the matches even more interesting. A demo game with 11 robots on each team was also shown at the competition, representing a huge step towards reaching the league's goal: to be the first one with 11 versus 11 real robots playing soccer on an official tournament.

MR Environment

Mixed Reality Our Team Download Links

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